Sign language interpreters workshop

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The Legal Clinics Network has conducted a workshop for the sign language interpreters to improve their skills in communicating with the PWD in regards to legal cases. The workshop has touched upon methods to psychological and social issues relevant to the PWD, in addition, general legal terms have been introduced. The workshop has also explained the terminology used during judicial ...

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Workshop on procedures to tackle PWD


The Legal Clinic Network has conducted a workshop targeting the PWD commission staff. The workshop has addressed ways to tackle and deal with PWD. The workshop has introduced the participants to the definition and types of disabilities in addition to rights of the PWD and the challenges they face. The workshop has been implemented under advancing the rule of law ...

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Restore PWD User-Friendly Parking Areas

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The Legal Clinics Network has embarked on restoring number of the sidewalks at Alwaziriay in Baghdad to be appropriate for the use of the PWD to make their walk-ins to the nearby government offices an accessible process. This has come in collaboration with the PWD Commission. The LCN also works on providing a PWD user-friendly environment at some of the ...

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LCN Board of Director Meeting

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LCN BoD has convened to discuss and improve the LCN’s performance. The meeting has discussed the LCN’s projects, and the hereupon progress and future prospective. The BoD members have discussed making improvements and updating the bylaws of the LCN. The meeting has also worked on improving the performance of the committees. The committees have been restructured taking into consideration the ...

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Housing, Land, and Property (HLP) Project has started


  The Legal Clinics Network started working on Housing, Land, and Property (HLP) project in Iraq. This project aims at assisting the affected groups – beneficiary of law 20 of 2009 – by military operations, military errors, and terrorist actions in the provinces of Baghdad, Basra, Muthana, Maissan, Anbar, Diyala, Salahaldin (SAD), and Ninawa. The project will deal with judiciary ...

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Symposium to support special education and classes of students with disabilities

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In support of special education students, the Legal Clinics Network, under the supervision of Special Education Section of Ministry of Education, has conducted a symposium about the challenges special education and students with disabilities face in schools. In addition, an exhibit has been established to showcase the teaching aids that would help students with disabilities in the learning process in ...

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Gender-Based Violence Workshop

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In partnership with the UNHCR, The Legal Clinics Network has implemented a two-day GBV workshop in Baghdad. The workshop beneficiaries were service deliverer of the legal clinics. The workshop started by introducing the goals of the project in addition to highlighting the basic concepts of the gender-based violence. The workshop also discussed the goals and outcomes expected of this workshop. ...

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Round Table for Legal Support of People with Disabilities

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The Legal Clinics Network has participated in the round table for legal support of people with disabilities (PWD) held under the (Advancing the rule of law through strengthening the rights of PWD in Iraq- Access to Justice) project with the aim to advance the PWD access to rights, justice and government benefits in addition to invigorating the articles of PWD ...

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Project for Protection and Legal Aid to IDPs and Returnees in the center of Iraq, and Legal Protection to Detainees in Ninawa has started 


The legal clinics network has embarked on implementing the project of Protection and Legal Aid to IDPs and returnees in the center of Iraq and Legal protection to detainees in Ninawa under the partnership with the UNHCR. The project would last for 12 months. Protection and legal aid to IDPs and returnees will be provided through 10 legal clinics throughout ...

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Advancing the rule of law by strengthening the rights of People with Disabilities in Iraq


The Legal Clinic Network has embarked on a project to raise the Persons with Disabilities (PWDs’) awareness and to bolster their rights. This project aims at bolstering the legal services delivered to the PWD in Anbar, SAD, Dhi-Qar and Diyala, and raising the awareness of PWD to pave the way for a more PWD’s convenient environment. The project is funded ...

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